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A Day at Shady Oaks!

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The young people at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lee County after school program enjoy after school programs at many of our locations. Today we joined the youth at Shady Oaks Boys & Girls Club at 3280 Marion Street in Fort Myers to learn more about the constructive way in which their afternoon is spent.

Mr. Chris, the site director at Shady Oaks, spoke passionately about the different activities that the young people complete as part of their Boys & Girls Club experience. The after school program provides homework assistance from a certified teacher and each day the children focus on a different element of the core program.

Mondays are for Sports and Fitness. (We enjoyed watching an intense game of Sharks and Minnows that was taking place while we visited!)
Tuesdays the youth focus on The Arts, one of the children mentioned the picture of a house she created during Arts and Crafts.
Wednesdays are for Health and Life Skills (Mr. Chris told us that the youth learn how to cook, clean and other important life skills).
Thursdays the youth concentrate on career and education.
Fridays are for character and leadership. It surprised some of the guests that many of the youth were outgoing enough to introduce themselves to us directly. Mr. Chris told us that socialization is a core component of their after school experience.

The youth at the Boys & Girls Clubs thrive in a stimulating, program-driven environment with activities and games that promote learning, team-work and leadership. Through many generous donations from people like you throughout the community, The Boys & Girls Clubs are able to keep at-risk youth off the streets and participating in the educational and safe environments at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lee County.

Take some time to make a donation by contacting the Boys & Girls Clubs administrative offices today at 239.334.1886.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of our youth!

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