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A Visit to our Pueblo Bonito Club!

Pueblo homework

If you didn’t already know, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Lee County have seven locations throughout Southwest Florida.

This week we spent a little time at the Boys & Girls Club location in Bonita Springs at Pueblo Bonito. Pueblo is located in the Pueblo Bonito community at 26120 Pueblo Bonito Boulevard. The club is filled to capacity, serving as the after school headquarters for up to 65 youth.

Pueblo patioWe joined the young people just in time for Power Hour. Power Hour is homework time at the Boys & Girls Clubs, and just  like all of the other locations, the directors at Pueblo stress the importance of education. Laid out much like a classroom, the main room at Pueblo is equipped with a small kitchen. The large TV in the corner is equipped with a Wii game system for the young people to enjoy active video games.

Just outside the main building, there is a large patio that the staff and the youth have customized into a very unique and colorful play area. Board games, ping pong and dodge ball are some of the activities that we watched. Activities are a great way for the young people to learn how to properly interact with one another and play as part of a team.

The computer lab at Pueblo is a place where the young people get to interact with technology through educational software programs. It’s also where the Pueblo teens do their homework for Power Hour before heading over to the Teen Center at Pueblo.Pueblo computer lab

The teen center gives the older youth a place of their own to interact and be themselves.

The teen center is located in another building in Pueblo Bonito and is equipped with a pool table, several computers and a pavilion with picnic tables.

Constructive after school programs are particularly important for teenage youth, as they are the most susceptible to outside influence.

Pueblo Teen CenterOne of the great things that we witnessed on our tour of Pueblo was the interaction between the young people at this location. It’s hard to communicate a feeling, but we hope that these pictures will show the camaraderie and friendships that we found.

While the Boys & Girls Club at Pueblo serves as the after school headquarters for many of the youth in the Pueblo Bonito community, there are almost 200 other youth in the community that must be turned away every year because the club is at capacity. There are plans for growth, but funding is limited.

We would love to offer a safe, constructive place for the young people of Pueblo Bonito to gather after school. Help us make a difference in their lives by donating now.

Contact Deborah Liftig at dliftig@bgclc.net or call 239.334.1886.

Pueblo friendsPueblo games

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