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Holiday Party: Bike Giveaway

_MSP0320In addition to all the great fun that was being had with games and crafts at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lee County’s Holiday Party, there was one last big surprise left for the youth.

Shannon Lane (Director of Operations at BGCLC), announced that Santa wanted to give everyone one last gift. However, Santa couldn’t return unless the entire group welcomed him once more with their loudest Jingle Bells carol.

The group belted the song and when Santa entered – the room erupted in applause. Santa had the group line up, hold hands, and close their eyes.

_MSP0330He led the group to another ballroom within the hotel that held 32 bikes. The bikes were paid for with money raised from those participating in the Everyone Rides event, a bicycle race coordinated by Matt McCain.

When the youth were asked to open their eyes, the room was buzzing with surprise, shock, awe and overall excitement. Matt Steeves Photography captured the emotions with the amazing images in this blog.

_MSP0343Each Boys & Girls Club member in attendance ran to find the bike with their name on it.

In addition to the bikes, The Boys & Girls Club provided brand new helmets for each young person that received a bike. Deborah Liftig, Executive Director for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lee County, addressed the youth and made them all promise to wear their new helmets whenever they rode their bikes.

They agreed.

_MSP0509A few of the youth expressed their excitement:

I got a skating helmet! It looks so cool! I can’t wait to go riding, it’s going to be awesome. – Matthew

For many of the youth we spoke with, it was their very first bike.

Many of the adults in attendance were very humbled by the experience.

_MSP0433“Knowing that for some of these young people, it’s their first bike and first time even being in a hotel ballroom – it just puts stuff in perspective. We’re very blessed to have what we have and that’s why this organization is so important,” said Garrett Rasmussen of the Boys & Girls Club.

Take a little time this holiday season to make a donation that will help the youth of Lee County on their way to a great 2012!

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