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Naples Zoo Trip

284390_266178623399315_167231963293982_1266947_2008525_nThe kids at the Boys & Girls Club had a great summer camp experience – and to end it right the entire crew headed to the Naples Zoo for a day of fun. In spite of the heat, almost 340 kids gathered at the entrance. Kountry Kim and some of the crew from 105.5 The Beat were there, along with the camp counselors.

There was a buzz of anticipation before entering Safari Canyon, a large amphitheater where the kids would be introduced to some of the animals that live at the zoo. Their nature host, Scott, introduced the kids to some new and unique animals.

The below photographs were captured by Matt Steeves Photography during the show.

Show montage

185319_266178553399322_167231963293982_1266945_2325956_nThe kids watched a few videos, learning about how the animals interact in their natural environment, and Scott used a hand held camera that allowed the kids to view some really interesting camera angles of the animals. It was a great learning experience and a safe way for all of the kids to learn about some of the wild animals at the Naples Zoo before each group went out on their own to explore the zoo.

After the show, Kountry Kim and Shannon addressed the kids. A counselor from each group announced the “Ultimate Camper”. While all the kids were, in their counselor’s eyes, ultimate campers – there were a few kids that shined above the rest223710_266178500065994_167231963293982_1266943_6390428_n.

Each ultimate camper received the opportunity to feed the giraffes at the Naples Zoo.

Gibbon ropeAfter cheering for each site, the groups split up and set off to explore the different exhibits at the zoo. The primate expedition cruise was one of the favorites for many of the campers. A boat took the kids to see gibbons, lemurs and spider monkeys, each living on their own island. The kids watched the monkeys perform acrobatic tricks and pointed out a few of the monkeys hiding in the trees.

One of the bearded gibbons even showed us a little tight-rope walking.

As the day wore on, it was still very hot, but it didn’t seem to affect any of the campers, who continued to see all the exhibits and take a few photos along the way.


The giraffe exhibit was one of the highlights of the day, and the ultimate campers really enjoyed being able to feed the giraffes their romaine lettuce and pepper leaf snacks.Giraffe

DSC_0385By lunch time, the campers had worked up quite the appetite. They were very happy to gather at the rainforest grove for lunch to eat pizza provided by the people at Jets Pizza.

Black bears, lions, tigers, zebras… and more are just some of the animals that the kids got to see as they finished up their trip to the zoo.

By late afternoon, the campers gathered once more to enjoy some icecream provided by Carvel and beat the heat.

While they were enjoying their cool treats, some of the campers told us a little about their favorite exhibits.

DSC_0766The monkey exhibit was by far the favorite.

“Seeing the monkeys from the boats was really cool.” – Andre’a.
Ben really liked the spider monkeys. Destiny, Alicia, and Sei’kevia also said that the primate expedition was their favorite.

Alicia really enjoyed the giraffes, Chail loved the tigers and Marlos liked the lions best.

Overall, the kids really enjoyed the experience. The Boys and Girl’s Club would like to thank the counselors, site directors, Kountry Kim, 105.5, Jets Pizza, Regions Bank, Matt Steeves Photography and the Naples Zoo for making the zoo trip such a magical experience for the campers.

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